Prueba de nivel de inglés

¿Quieres saber tu nivel de inglés?

Te ofrecemos la posibilidad de saber tu nivel de inglés de forma totalmente gratuita y online en pocos minutos. Una vez finalizado el test te daremos toda la información sobre nuestros cursos online de inglés. Te esperamos en clase!


Prueba de Nivel de Inglés Lemon Squeezy

¿Quieres saber tu nivel de inglés?

1. Can I sit here?

2. What will you study at university?

3. I don't understand this question.

4. We'd like to book a table for 4 people please.

5. Shall we go for a walk now?

6. His bedroom is ..... untidy that he can never find anything he's looking for.

7. They need to decide ... and for all, where to go on holiday.

8. He placed his plate on the ... of his desk and knocked it off.

9. I apologise - I didn't ... to make you cry.

10. He finished his speech ... asking if anyone had any questions.

11. I don't mind ... the washing up if you need some help.

12. She's really looking forward ... her favourite singer in concert.

13. ... I approach it, I just can't seem to understand this math problem.

14. It has only been a week ...it last rained.

15. I ... the dress I wanted online because they didn't have it in store.

16. The police believe he may be ... to commit a serious crime.

17. He passed his driving test ... a year ago.

18. Please do not ... your seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion.

19. I moved into my new flat last week, that's why I have ... furniture.

20. Workers feel they have no ... to have their opinions heard.

21. I'd rather you ... me before buying something so expensive.

22. Please consider both ... of the argument before making such an important decision.

23. When I realised that I had lost my keys, I decided to ... my steps.

24. Jane's apartment is somewhere in the ... of the bus station.

25. The new iPhone is said to be ... reliable.

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